Name: Andy (pronouns = whatever)
Likes: films, queer acceptance, Twizzlers
Dislikes: pickles, bisexuality erasure

anonymous: crisscolfer making out on vine
A/N: idk how the app works, but…

"Come here," Darren whispered, startling Chris, who had been seated quietly in the den, trying to fully wake up.

He glared up at Darren, who was leaning over the back of the couch, his phone in hand and an entirely too lively expression on his face for eight in the morning.

"What do you want?" Chris croaked, eyes narrowed suspiciously.

Darren hopped on his feet, grinning as he said, “I got this new app, and I want you to try it out with me.”

"Why can’t we try it right here?” Chris whined, not wanting to move.

"It’s prettier out back," Darren declared, making a pouty face until Chris rolled his eyes and let out a huff of breath.

He placed his empty mug on the coffee table and slowly rose from the couch, padding over to Darren, who grabbed his hand and pulled him through the kitchen and out to the backyard, through the glass door that led to the patio.

The sun was shining too brightly, and Chris whimpered, eyes squinting, just so he could shoot daggers at Darren who smiled, spinning around jovially, before he looked at Chris with wide eyes and an even wider smile.

"Make out with me," he offered, "for six seconds."

Chris’ eyes were adjusting to the light, and they widened, as he quirked a brow and crossed his arms over his chest.


Darren smiled, looking down at his phone. He slid it across the touch screen a few times, before he pulled up what looked to be a camera. Chris’ brow furrowed.

"Isn’t Vine that…you…what?"

Darren looked sheepish as he muttered, “I…um…I wanna get a video of us kissing.”

Chris stared blankly at Darren for a moment, before he questioned, “And where is it going to go?”

"It’s gonna stay here," Darren assured him, pointing to his phone. "I just…when we’re not together…I just…I want a memory."

Chris blinked twice.

"Please," Darren begged, stepping over to Chris, whose hands he grabbed, phone crushed between their palms. "I have a bunch of videos that no one will ever see. I just want to see them. Please, please, please!"

Chris sighed and nodded once, reluctantly.


A few minutes later, their mouths were touching languidly, and Darren’s phone was aimed at them. There was a beeping sound, and then they pulled apart, smiling sweetly at one another. The six seconds was up.

Both men watched the quick video, smirking, and then Chris grabbed the phone from Darren, his nose scrunched in distaste.

"I look albino," he groaned, pressing buttons unknowingly on the phone. "How do I delete it, Dare? Let’s do it again. I - shit."

He looked up at Darren, then, with saucer-shaped eyes, and Darren felt his stomach drop with uncertainty.

"What happened?"

Chris gulped, handing Darren the phone, allowing the man to read it.

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