Name: Andy (pronouns = whatever)
Likes: films, queer acceptance, Twizzlers
Dislikes: generalizations, bisexuality erasure

dragontamerblaine: Casting couch with Darren auditioning for Chris (with them being the same ages they are now.)

A/N: this is what you meant, right? last of the night; probably more tomorrow.

Chris set up the camera on his desk, facing it toward the leather couch directly across from him. Through the view finder, the man seated on the center cushion was clearly visible, and he shifted a bit in his seat.

"Why are you so nervous?" Chris asked, smiling reassuringly at the other man, who smiled nervously, eyes darting around the office warily.

"I-I’m not."

Chris quirked a brow, indicating that he in no way believed what this man was saying.

"Don’t be nervous, Darren," he said, sitting back in his chair, his eyes glinting mischievously. "We’re just talking."

Darren gulped, glancing toward the camera, and he smiled sheepishly.

"You’re twenty-six, right?" Chris asked, then, changing the subject.

He glanced down at the open file on his desk, though he honestly didn’t need to. Chris had read this file again and again, adding onto his extensive research of the man before him, and he pretty much knew everything there was to know about Darren Criss.

"Yes," Darren nodded, his Adam’s apple bobbing when he swallowed.

Chris hummed, looking over the page in front of him, without really reading it.

"What exactly do you want to do in this business? Movies? Television?"

Darren looked thoughtful for a moment, before he answered, “I…um…I’d like to do a few movies, try Broadway. Maybe, I could even try out for one of those musical shows. Like, Smash or something…”

Chewing on the inside of his cheek, Chris tilted his head from side to side, making a scrunched-up, thoughtful face. He scribbled a quick note in the margin of Darren’s bio and clucked his tongue against the roof of his mouth.

"How much experience do you have in the Business?"

Darren chewed on his lower lip, before saying, “I…um…I used to write plays for the troupe that I created with my friends in college. We did…um…plays on Youtube.”

Starkid, Chris provided silently, remembering the video of a curly-haired boy, dressed as Harry Potter, showing his talent for a small cult of people.

He shifted in his wheely chair and looked over at Darren, who was in the process of crossing one knee over the other, his jeans hugging his crotch in the most delicious fucking way.

"This business is…hard…to get into,” he announced, voice going a little weak toward the end.

Darren frowned, his eyes going wide, as they met Chris’.

"I’m willing to do anything to have my chance," he stated earnestly.

Chris licked his lips, watching as Darren uncrossed his legs again and scooted toward the edge of the leather couch, his expression going sultry.

"A-anything?" Chris questioned, cursing himself for stuttering.

Darren nodded once.

For a moment, Chris just eyed the other man up and down, and then he nodded, looking down at the file before him. He looked thoughtful for a moment - just a show - and then looked to Darren, who was watching him expectantly.

"I think we can get you…into something," he assured the other man.

Chris pushed back from his desk, then, a smirk on his face. He walked around his desk and toward Darren, who gulped once, before scooting backward, making room for Chris to sit down or…whatever.

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