Name: Andy (pronouns = whatever)
Likes: films, queer acceptance, Twizzlers
Dislikes: generalizations, bisexuality erasure

prompt - Chris watches Darren’s performance at the Apocalyptour.

The minute Darren walked onto stage in those hideous, khaki, shorts, Chris just about died.

Literally, for a few minutes, Chris was laughing at the ensemble, but then he took a look at the man’s ass, and he could feel all of the blood in his brain go straight to his dick.

Chris groaned, his face resting in his palm, as he tried to calm himself down.

deadbriandeadbriandeadbrian, he kept trying to mentally say to himself, but, the next moment he looked up, Darren was dancing around in those fucking shorts.

Fanning himself, Chris looked around the auditorium, in hopes that no one noticed what he was struggling with. Then, he looked down at his pants and immediately threw his coat into his lap.

By the end of the show, Chris was sweating bullets. He quickly left the auditorium and made his way to Darren’s dressing room. Darren was only half dressed and heading toward the bathroom, when Chris burst into the room.

He looked surprised, “Chris? I thought we were meeting at your place?”

Chris looked the man up and down, seeing that he was still wearing those sinful shorts. He groaned, slamming to the door behind him, as he shook his head and rushed over to Darren.

Darren’s surprise only lasted a moment, as Chris’ lips met his fiercely. When Chris pulled away, he started undressing.

Darren watched him for a moment before saying, “I’m guessing you’re taking a shower with me?”

"Yes," Chris replied, jerkily nodding, as he dropped his pants and threw off his shirt, escorting Darren to the bathroom.

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