Name: Andy (pronouns = whatever)
Likes: films, queer acceptance, Twizzlers
Dislikes: generalizations, bisexuality erasure

owp: storm

Darren startled awake at a loud clap of thunder. He shot up in bed, looking around, disoriented, calling out, “Chris?”

When he received no response, he slowly got out of bed walking through the apartment until he found Chris in the bathroom, sitting in the tub. Darren glanced at him quizzically, before shrugging and hopping into the tub with him. He sat with his legs hanging over the rim.

"Why are we sitting in a tub?" Darren whispered to Chris.

"It’s quieter in here," Chris replied softly, his voice shaking.

Darren pouted, “Is it because I snore?”

Chris shook his head.

"It’s the thunder," he stated.

"Oh," Darren nodded his head in understanding. He scooted closer to Chris and then wrapped his arm tightly around the other man, nuzzling his nose into Chris’ neck.

"It’s going to be all right," he said, kissing his shoulder.

Chris sighed, “I know. It’s just…I’ve been scared of thunderstorms since I was a kid.”

"Why?" Darren asked, cocking his head at Chris.

"I don’t even know why," Chris bit his lip, frowning slightly.

They were quiet for a moment, until Darren joked, “It’s ironic, ya know?”

"What is?" Chris raised an eyebrow at him.

"You wrote a movie about a kid getting struck by lightning," Darren explained, "but you, yourself, are afraid of it."

Chris smirked, “I always feared that I would be struck by lightning.”

"You weren’t, though," Darren said.

"I know," Chris nodded.

"It’s, like, a one in a million chance," Darren stated.

"So was finding you," Chris murmured.

Darren turned to him, smiling softly. He leaned over and kissed the tip of Chris’ nose.

"It sounds like the thunder’s letting up," he stated. "Would you, maybe, want to come back to bed? It’s comfier than this tub and a lot warmer. I"ll even let you be the little spoon, if you want."

Chris grinned, shaking his head, “You’re so strange.”

"But you love me," Darren shrugged, grinning.

They quickly extracted themselves from the tub, walking hand in hand back to the bedroom. Chris and Darren got into bed together, Darren holding true to his promise of allowing Chris to be the little spoon. The men held hands on the bed in front of Chris’ stomach.

And, when a loud crack of thunder sounded, Chris squeezed Darren’s hand as tight as he could.

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